Sparkling Corian Sink - SALE ON NOW - Wide range of colours.
Corian sparkling sink

Corian Sparkling Sink

Seamless integration with your worktop, with a stainless steel bottom


Stainless steel bottom

Hard wearing, hygienic, seamless, beautiful corian sparkling sinks

Sparkling Corian Sinks

The Sparkling Corian Sink collection is available in all Corian colours suitable for kitchen worksurfaces. The lead time is 3 weeks for any sparkling sinks not held as a stock item. Colours available by next day delivery are Glacier White, Designer White, Antartica, Lava Rock, Pearl Gray.

View the full range of corian colours or our Corian guide for more information.

Corian Sparkling Sink Model 9501

Sparkling Corian Sink 9501

Corian Sparkling Sink Model 9502

corian sparking sink 9502Corian Sparkling Sink Model 9503

corian sparking sink 9503 infographicCorian Sparkling Sink Model 9504

corian sparking sink 9504Corian Sparkling Sink Model 9505

corian sparking sink 9505