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Worktop FAQ’s

Here are the most asked worktop FAQ’s and answers.

  • What materials do you offer?

    We offer a full range of the highest standard and sensibly sourced Granite from reliable mines.
    Choose your Quartz worktop from one of the 5 premium brands that we have on offer. These are all high quality stones with 93% natural quartz & 7% polymer resin.

    We provide 5 different brands of Acrylic for you to choose from with colours leaving you spoilt for choice. All our Acrylic is 12mm solid material and can be fabricated to achieve a fully seamless look.

  • What is the turn around time from template to installation?

    Quartz & Granite
    We work all over the UK and turn our stone worktops around in 7-10 days. If you have a large kitchen or a specialist colour this may extend the lead time on the material.

    We offer a 7 day turn around on acrylic worktops.
    We realise that sometimes you need a quicker turnaround than 7 days and after having successfully trialled the operation in the run up to Christmas, on all Corian worktops, for an extra £250 plus VAT, we are now offering a Platinum Premium Service with just a 3 working day turnaround from template to fit throughout Britain, even in most of Northern Scotland, Southern England and Wales. (The only postcodes excluded are HS, IV, KW, EX, PL, SA, TA, TR and TQ) This means a template on Tuesday will be fitted Friday of the same week, or a Thursday template the following Tuesday.
    There are a few conditions to enable us to achieve this, but nothing too onerous.

    1. We require 3 weeks’ notice for the template date which cannot then be altered without risking losing the 3 day promise. Subject to availability we may be able to accommodate a date with lesser notice periods… please just ask! A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required if a Mixa sink is needed as these are to special order.

    2. The material must be specified including colour, thickness and any sinks & taps at the time of booking the template. The material must be in stock at CD UK Ltd. We will inform you immediately if there is a problem with availability (in this case a 5 day turnaround may also be unachievable).

    3. Any preparatory work (such as wall fixed bearers or plumbing alterations) must have been carried out prior to templating or, once pointed out by our technician, guaranteed to have been done prior to the installation date.

    4. The sizes must be more or less what was quoted and certainly not requiring any additional material. If extra material is needed that may delay the process and incur additional costs. You will have the option of a revisit to complete the extra works on a chargeable basis or to reschedule the entire fit without a penalty.

    5. All delivery times will be adhered to with the exception of things beyond our control. These would include road closures, inclement weather, breakdowns etc. and proof of such an eventuality would be provided. We would then endeavour to carry out the work the very next day if at all possible and you will receive a refund in full for the premium service.

    6. You must not change the installation date on or after template as this slot will have been allocated 3 weeks in advance for you. If you have no alternative, we ask you to accept that we may have to arrange a date that is mutually convenient and there will be a further charge for the cancelled slot.

    7. The job must be reasonably straight forward and not including thermo forming or special steel sub-frame supports. This will be communicated at the time of receiving the order.

    8. An appointed representative and decision maker must be on site at time of template to answer any questions as production will commence on the day of template, we must have all information confirmed prior to leaving site.

  • How thick are the worktops?

    Quartz & Granite
    Standard thicknesses of our stone comes in 20mm & 30mm thick

    All our acrylic worktops come at 12mm thick, this is then placed on a treated MDF sub-frame to give support and also gives the look of a thicker worktop.
    The standard thicknesses are 24mm, 30mm, 38mm & 50mm

  • What are the standard edge?

    Quartz & Granite
    We offer a square edge, pencil round & a bevel edge the choice is yours as these will already be included in your quote. Of course you can have a choice of other edge details but these will be charged per meter depending on the type of edge you require.

    We offer a square edge, pencil round & a bevel edge the choice is yours as these will already be included in your quote. Of course you can have a choice of other edge details but these will be charged at £30 per meter for any other detail.

  • What are upstands?

    Quartz & Granite
    Upstands are a strip of material that sits around the edge of your kitchen against then wall, usually at 100mm high although you can choose the height you want keeping in mind any socket cut-outs you may need.

    With acrylic material we offer two types of upstand, usually at 50mm – 75mm high. You can choose from square upstands that sit at a 90 degree angle to the worktops or coved which curve up the wall for a more seamless look. Again you can choose how high you want these.

  • Can I have materials on the walls?

    Quartz, Granite & Acrylic
    Yes, as well as offering upstands you may wish to have these running the full height of the kitchen walls, from the worktop to the wall units and even a hob splashback. We recommend only using acrylic with electric hobs as this is safer for the material.

  • Do you offer template and fitting service?

    Quartz & Granite
    A full template & the installation will be included in the price of you quotation. We will use high grade materials to make a template of your kitchen carcass and use this to fabricate the stone so you get a bespoke fit. We highly recommend your existing worktops are removed prior to template and any under mount sinks to be in place as well as any new taps or hobs to be on site so we can template for any cut-outs.
    Again, a full template & install will be included in your quote and to get a true template we do advise existing worktops are removed. We do not need any sinks to be in place although any appliances, sinks & taps should be on site for template.

    We advise that you do not change the design of your kitchen or any cut-outs after the point of template. If you do this will result in a re-template which will be chargeable.

  • Will my worktop stain?

    Quartz & Granite
    We offer all stone materials with a range of protection. Sensa Granite is fully sealed and this comes from our Silestone range.
    We can also offer all types of Granite & marble. As these are natural we cannot guarantee that these will not stain as the raw material is porous.
    We offer all quartz with a stain protection.

    All our acrylic is again non-porous and is very resistant to stains or surface water.

    To clean our worktops we suggest a mild detergent or hot soapy water. This is the only maintenance usually required. For more stubborn marks or spillages try Cif or equivalent. You can also use Bar Keepers Friend for oil and grease marks. Always read the label on cleaning products to check for suitability with materials.

  • Can I put hot pans directly on my worktop?

    Quartz & Granite
    Although we use this highest grade materials we recommend always using a buffer between a hot pan and the worktops to avoid the stone being shocked. You are able to have pan bars rebated into the worktop or just use moveable pan bars or chopping boards.

    Avoid placing anything hot directly onto the worktops as this will damage the material. Always use pan bars or trivets to protect your Acrylic worktop.

  • What is the longest length I can have my material?

    Quartz & Granite
    Our slabs range from 2800mmx1800mm to 3200mmx1600mm

    Our sheets of material come in 3700mmx760mm. The joins on your Acrylic worktop will be seamless and inconspicuous but not invisible.

  • Is my worktop covered by warranty?

    We offer at least a 10 year warranty on all our worktops and a 12 month installation warranty.