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List of popular kitchen worktop materials in the UK

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When it comes to the choice of kitchen worktop materials, the list seems endless. Although it can be a tiring process, it is indeed important to get it right to have the best Kitchen experience. The kitchen worktops are used for preparing and serving meals and need to be cleaned regularly. These worktops need to compliment the floor and furniture of your kitchen as they become an integral style element and focal point. Most importantly, you are going to use them on an everyday basis so it’s very important for them to be as per your comfort and requirement. Let’s gather more information about 7 types of materials used in the making of your kitchen worktops.

  1. Granite : Most popular kitchen worktop material

When we think of the most common types of kitchen worktops, granite is the name that strikes immediately. No doubts it is easy to work with and looks beautiful, stylish and luxurious when used well. Among the many other benefits of granite, the ones that stand out are that it is hard-wearing, heat resistant, antibacterial and is extremely easy to clean. On the other hand there are just a very few drawbacks of granite. It is not only very heavy and noisy but also costs a lot.

kitchen worktop materials grey granite hi macs

  1. Quartz ( Engineered Quartz)

Quartz is man made, designed to act as a great alternative for traditional stone worktops like granite. Industrial techniques are employed in the making of quartz and it is fortified with resin. That makes it a truly hard-wearing worktop that is also customisable. The benefits of getting a quartz worktop include the many characteristics of the material. It is not only Hard-wearing and antibacterial but is also easy to clean and there are plenty of colour variants available. Much like granite, quartz is also quite heavy and comparatively expensive.

silestone quartz veined

  1. Hard wood

A popular choice of kitchen worktop materials is also Hardwood. It is good for both contemporary and traditional kitchens as long as you are ready to put effort into maintenance. Hard wood is cheaper than the stone options and is available in a variety of wood grains and colors. Wood looks better with age and is antibacterial if maintained well. These were the benefits of getting a hard wood and there are many drawbacks as well. It requires bi-annual maintenance and can still scratch or become stained. Wood is not an option for commercial or industrial usage where heavy duty performance is required.

silkwood hanex

  1. Laminate

Laminate is among the most effective options of kitchen worktop materials. It is a versatile worktop solution that is getting popular in the market with the passage of time. The many pros of laminate worktops are that it is cheap, antibacterial and easy to maintain. It also looks good with expensive material in the kitchen and is scratch resistant. Laminate worktops have the quality to suit any kitchen style be it traditional or contemporary. Besides, cleaning it has never been a hassle. The drawbacks are observed when one gets bad quality of laminate that scratch, burn, melt and can also become unhygienic. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while selecting laminate worktops for one’s kitchen.


  1. Glass as a versatile option for Kitchen countertops

Another stylish option in the range of kitchen worktop materials is glass worktop that got introduced only recently. Glass is a perfect worktop for a stylish and contemporary kitchen that intends to stand out. However, glass brings many disadvantages associated with it. Yet there are also benefits as it can be made in almost any size and shape. Glass is quite hygienic as it is easy to clean and is extremely durable as well. It is heat resistant and the colour options are limitless. Glass worktops add a stylish, modern touch to your kitchen. And there are just a very few drawbacks that it is of course expensive as you have to pay a price for all these qualities. Also, glass needs to be cleaned frequently.

  1. Solid surface composite – Corian, Maia, Encore

Solid surface worktops are made when acrylic resin is applied to the top of a substrate material like wood. This creates a glossy, seamless counter top that looks good in any contemporary kitchen. Solid surface worktops are heat and scratch resistant and they can be moulded in any shape. There is no need to worry about stains and they look seamless.

  1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is often used in commercial kitchen sector. They are strong and durable and are naturally antibacterial. One can clean them easily and they are water proof. Stainless steel worktops are very light and they are heat and acid resistant. The downside is that they are cold and tough to install into large areas.

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