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Granite Vs Quartz Worktops

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Kitchen countertops are available in a variety of materials and it is advisable that one chooses them as per the requirement and usage. Among the many types available in the market, two of the most common are granite and quartz. They are both quite different in terms that granite is a natural stone while quartz […]

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Acrylic Vs Laminate Worktops

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The change in trend has brought a lot of attention to every corner of a home and kitchen is not an exception. The interior, furniture and designing is being done with a lot of focus on theme, finish materials and requirement. When it comes to the finish material, countertops need to be decided carefully as […]

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Granite Worktops Vs Wooden Worktops: Handy guide

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Often prospective worktop buyers are caught confused between choices of material when ordering their new worktop. Arlington Worktops would like to make the decision making easier with this comparison guide. Here are the pros and cons of Granite and Wood as countertop/kitchen worktop materials. Granite Oak (Wood) Pricing Much Higher than Oak Lower than Granite. […]

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Laminate Worktops Vs Quartz Worktops: Helping you decide

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Laminate Vs Quartz worktops. Which one is better? There was a time when laminate worktops used to have poor visuals and could easily wear down. However, the past huge gap between quartz and laminate worktops is narrowing the time has come now, where people have started comparing the two to understand which one is better. […]

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